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Our Cleaning Services

Floor cleaning

Stripping and sealing is simply removing the old sealer from the floors surface and then laying new coats of sealer onto the floor in several layers. This is done in order to protect the vinyl from the minor damage caused by wear and tear and to also keep them looking shiny. Dust and dirt which is walked into the floor acts like a sandpaper, slowly removing the surface of the vinyl causing it to lose its colour and shine.

Sealing a floor not only makes it look great, but also protects it from this sanding action, preventing the vinyl from getting damaged.

Twister diamond cleaning is a highly effective way of cleaning and maintaining a multitude of floor surfaces. Anything from terrazzo floors to wooden floors can be improved with the use of twister cleaning pads.

The secret is that each twister pad contains billions of microscopic diamonds that not only effectively clean but also polish’s the floor during daily cleaning.

The difference between various pads is the size of the diamonds, shifting the basis between cleaning and polishing. This enables you to upgrade a dirty dull floor, to a shiny clean one